MV Jewelry & Gems is an initiative of Jeweler & Goldsmith Marcel Vermeulen.

Marcel has been designing high-quality jewelry with rare gemstones for a wide and worldwide audience for over 20 years. By continuously investing in his passion, Marcel has built up a rare gemstone and jewelery collection that was previously only visible to customers when visiting his shop and workshop by appointment. To give the collection more visibility, you can now find it online in its entirety. A team is ready to guide you to a piece of jewelry, made especially for you in the quality you can expect from MV Jewelry & Gems.

Note: A visit to one of our locations is only possible by appointment!


The added value of exclusive materials

Jewelery is a precious asset and reminds you of the most beautiful moments in your life. That is why we make no concessions when it comes to the use of materials. Only the best gemstones and high-quality precious metals form the basis of our jewelry. We think it is important that you and the next generations can continue to enjoy our quality and craftsmanship.