Indicoliet 1.56 ct*
Indicoliet 1.56 ct*
Indicoliet 1.56 ct*
Indicoliet 1.56 ct*

Indicoliet 1.56 ct*

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Bright sea blue indicolite in an unusually light hue. Normally this type of stones are much darker in color. Indicolites of this quality are rare to find. At first glance it looks like a Paraiba tourmaline, but for a fraction of the price.

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Colour: Blue

Weight: 1,56 ct

Size (mm): 8,06 x 5,99 x 4,34

Grinding shape: Cushion cut

Origin: Namibia

Therapy: No

Certificate: House certificate

Product number: 100890

This stone is free of visible inclusions to the naked eye. This stone is completely natural and untreated.

This stone is suitable for use in all jewellery.



The name of this blue tourmaline comes from Sinhalese and means "blue stone". Indicolite owes its beautiful color to traces of iron. Blue tourmalines are most valuable when they display an intense, clear, radiant blue and are not too dark. Pure blue indicolites are extremely rare and highly sought after by collectors. Location also plays a role. Some sites produce material much better than average. The best stones come from Brazil and Namibia. Unfortunately, blue tourmalines that are sometimes more green than blue are sold as indicolites. Indicolite should not be confused with Paraiba tourmaline which can also be blue. Paraiba tourmaline has a much lighter shade that has traces of copper and manganese as a color cause. 

When looking at indicolites, the lighting conditions are also important in this context. The color of this tourmaline is best assessed in neutral daylight. Under the light of lamps, the same stone often has a darker shade. 

Indicolites are usually transparent and stones over 5 carats with a clear color are precious. Larger stones absorb so much light that they become very dark and unattractive. Blue tourmalines come from Brazil, Namibia, Madagascar, Congo and Nigeria. 

High quality indicolites are highly sought after collectible stones and are ideal for all types of jewelry. Top quality indicolites are also an excellent investment.

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