Indigolite 1.5 ct
Indigolite 1.5 ct
Indigolite 1.5 ct
Indigolite 1.5 ct

Indigolite 1.5 ct

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Attractive indigolite in the popular dark teal hue. This blue tourmaline is from a recent find from southwestern Namibia. The stone is very well cut because the properties of the material have been taken into account, so that the stone has retained its bright color. A topper.

Color: blue

Weight: 1.5 ct

Format (mm): 6.3 x 6.1 x 4

Cut: Octagon fantasy cut

Origin: Namibia

Treatment: No

Certificate: House certificate

This stone is free of visible inclusions to the naked eye. This stone is completely natural and untreated.

This stone is suitable for use in all jewelry.

Product number: 100107

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